Health strilization air cleaner

Publication Date

October 27, 2003

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for disinfection and sterilization by which a medical equipment to be protected from infection easily and quickly can be completely sterilized and finish-cleaned. SOLUTION: Since a member used for a medical equipment such as a tube made of rubber can be easily deteriorated due to contacting with a supercritical fluid, such a member is subjected to a coating process with Teflon (resistered trademark) to obtain a supercritical fluid strength. The above process is followed by below-mentioned steps. To a pressure cleaner 1 provided with a stirring structure in a supercritical fluid cleaning apparatus, a vacuum chamber 10 with approximately the same volume as that of the cleaning apparatus is connected via a connection pipe. After an object to be treated is soaked with the supercritical fluid filled in the pressure cleaner 1 for a prescribed time, the pressure cleaner 1 is communicated to the vacuum chamber 10 to cause sharp bubbling due to a great pressure difference. In this case, the cells of bacteria or viruses are exploded and destroyed at one time by vaporizing power of the supercritical fluid which penetrates into the inside of the bacteria or viruses. Thus, a complete sterilization can be realized, and then, a compressed liquid 5 is put in and stirred and the object is subjected to a finishing cleaning step.

Health strilization air cleaner