Hydrogen peroxide disinfecting and sterilizing compositions

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May 25, 1993

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A method utilizing compositions for topical application which are adapted for the prevention and treatment of viral infections such as Herpes, AIDS and other envelope virus infections are disclosed. The compositions of the present invention produce a synergistic anti-viral effect when used in combination. The formulation contains a humectant such as sorbitol, glycerol, or other comparable compound in the range of 20-80% w/v final concentration, which facilitates structural and/or functional three dimensional disruption or disorientation of the viral envelope. The activation of the destruction of the envelope and subsequent death of the envelope virus is then achieved using combination of inorganic monovalent anions, nonionic detergents and anionic detergents. These monovalent anions can include sodium bicarbonate, sodium thiocyanate, sodium fluoride and sodium chloride at about 0.5 to 5% w/v final concentration; nonionic detergents such as Tween 20 at concentrations of about 0.1% to 3% v/v, ethanol up to about 15% v/v, and other antimicrobial agents such as chlorhexidine or comparable basic substances at concentrations from about 0.01 to 0.2% v/v. The formulation may also include anionic surfactants, flavor and water added to 100%.

Hydrogen peroxide disinfecting and sterilizing compositions