Hypodermic syringe splatter shield

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May 22, 2000

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PURPOSE:To produce a virus adsorbent, a porous form consisting mainly of noncrystalline calcium phosphate, high in virus-adsorbing capacity, thus useful as, e.g. an air filter for masking fungi. CONSTITUTION:A spray dryer 5 is fed, using a metering pump 4, with a mixture slurry 3 containing noncrystalline calcium phosphate particles 1 and a water-soluble high-molecular dispersant 2 to conduct a granulation and drying of the slurry by spray granulation method by the high-speed rotation of an atomizer 6, and the resultant porous form 7 is collected by a cyclone 8. An air heated to 200-250 deg.C by an electric heater 10 through an air filter 9 is then supplied onto this porous form. When antifungal metallic ions are adsorbed to this porous form, the aimed antifungal virus adsorbent capable of maintaining its antifungal ability for a long period of time can be obtained.

Hypodermic syringe splatter shield