Inserted in the body of the medical instrument sterilization and cleaning method

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The surgical mask (10) protects a wearer's face, neck and upper chest region from exposure to bodily fluids expelled by a patient and includes an upper mask (12) resistant to fluids yet permeable by ambient gases for covering the wearer's nose and mouth, a fluid-proof lower mask (14) of greater breadth than the upper mask which is attached to the upper mask and extends circumferentially beyond the upper mask and hangs freely therefrom downwardly to the wearer's torso to provide a fluid barrier, and tie strings (18, 20) are attached to the upper mask for fastening the upper mask about the wearer's head. The lower tie strings (24) are connected to the lower mask and support the laterally extending upper side portions (25) of the lower mask about opposite sides of the neck of the wearer.

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