Integrated cleaning/sterilization process with lumen devices

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December 9, 1997

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A face mask is provided that includes a filter body capable of filtering liquids, particles and aerosols of a size appropriate for the mask's intended purposes, while providing excellent breathability and comfort for extended periods of time. The filter body may be formed from multiple layers of filtration material having a generally rectangular configuration with a plurality of pleats. The mask may be secured to the head of a wearer by tie strips attached to flaps extending from the filter body to form a fluid seal between the periphery of the mask and the wearer's face. For some applications, the flaps may be formed from resilient or stretchable material which further enhances both the fluid seal formed by the mask and comfort for the wearer. A clear visor may also be attached to the mask to protect the wearer's eyes and portions of the wearer's face not covered by the mask.

Integrated cleaning/sterilization process with lumen devices