Iodinated air filter

Publication Date

September 6, 2011

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This invention relates to a wet type centrifugal “filter less” air cleaner utilizing a labyrinth effect on the basis of spiral grooves for generating vortex flow, thus the separation of particular dust, mist can be absolutely, above 99.9% purified from air with the difference of specific gravity, 1:1000 between air and water under centrifugal force, 10000G-80000G after collecting pollution substances from air with an aqua viscosity of water mist. An wet type air cleaner utilizing a centrifugal impeller comprising: spiral grooves ( 416 ), a spin vaporizer ( 401 ) for large size, an ultra sonic vaporizer ( 482 ) for small size, an electric motor ( 433 ) with a centrifugal impeller 408 , a drain trap ( 441 ) and humidity controller ( 442 ) installed on an exit pipe ( 432 ) etc. Therefore centrifugal wet type air cleaner make fresh air efficiently to be carried out by centrifugal force without using filters in the field of industrial cleanroom, hospital, asepsis laboratory, home appliances, military use for purifying poison gas, exhaust gas cleaner for automobiles and an industrial burner etc.

Iodinated air filter