Iodinating/resin containing a disinfectant sterilization bandage

Publication Date

January 13, 2004

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PURPOSE: To provide flake-like glass having antimicrobial property, capable of providing sterilizing property to a resin molding, coating film, etc., obtained by blending with a raw material for resin molding, coating, etc., and simultaneously, carrying out improvement of strength of the resin molding, the coating film, etc., prolongation of the life and prevention of cracking and release. CONSTITUTION: This flake-like glass consists of scaly glass containing Ag+ and it has antimicrobial property. Since a silver ion is contained therein, excellent antimicrobial action is obtained by the silver ion and since the glass is scaly flake-like glass, when it is blended with coating or a resin material, sustained release action of antimicrobial property and long-term retaining action can be obtained by orientation characteristics derived from the scaly shape and further, improvement of hardness, flexibility, strength, abrasion resistance, water resistance, etc., of the coating film or improvement of strength, dimensional stability, etc., of resin moldings can be carried out thereby.

Iodinating/resin containing a disinfectant sterilization bandage