Iodine/resin disinfectant and a procedure for the preparation thereof

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A safety applicator glove system and method is disclosed that is particularly suitable for use in situations where insect repellent and the like must be applied to human skin without contaminating the hands of the person applying the insect repellent. The basic system disclosed includes a glove or mitten with an absorbent outer surface and an internal barrier lining to prevent penetration of liquid on the outer surface of the glove with the person's hand that has been inserted into the glove/mitten. Attached to the glove/mitten proximally to the hand entry point is a protective sleeve/gauntlet that may be extended over the surface of the glove and sealed to act as a containment vessel for the liquid-soaked glove. When retracted, this protective sleeve/gauntlet serves to prevent contamination of the person making use of the glove/mitten system. Various embodiments of the present invention may also be applied with advantage to the control of contamination associated with biohazardous waste, including but not limited to use with surgical gloves and the like.

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