Isoalloxazine derivatives to neutralize biological contaminants

Publication Date

July 1, 1980

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A room air purifier for quietly removing irritating or harmful impurities from the air circulating within the room. The purifier removes from room air, particles down to 0.3 microns in size with 99.9% efficiency. The air purifier comprises a somewhat elongated upright housing having an easily-removable back, a two-speed blower that is preferably AC operated and disposed at the bottom of the housing, a pair of vertically disposed ultraviolet lamps and associated means for powering the lamps including push button switch means, and preferably three separate filters including a pre-filter disposed at the inlet of the blower, a highly efficient main filter element vertically stacked over the blower and lamps and a charcoal filter disposed over the main filter element. The blower sucks the air in the bottom of the purifier through the pre-filter and up adjacent to the lamps to the main filter element and charcoal filter, and from there the purified air passes to a top baffle cover where the air is exited in preferably four directions from the purifier.

Isoalloxazine derivatives to neutralize biological contaminants