Kissing shield game and method of use thereof

Publication Date

August 8, 2006

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The present invention is directed to a kissing shield game and method teaching safe affection to at least one person playing the kissing shield game. The kissing shield game includes a plurality of removable pegs, a playing surface, a gaming member, a plurality of frames and a plurality of thin, flexible membranes forming a kissing shield, and a resetable timer. The playing surface has a plurality of holes arranged in a predetermined pattern with each of the plurality of holes being capable of receiving at least one of the plurality of removable pegs. Each side of the gaming member has a different color associated therewith as well as a predetermined set of alphanumeric symbols associated therewith. The kissing shield is used when a selected person or object determined by a player is kissed so that the player learns safe affection and the proper use of the kissing shield through repetition.

Kissing shield game and method of use thereof