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A protective medical glove containing a liquid antiseptic composition and methods for its use are disclosed. The flexible glove comprises at least a thin inner layer and at least a thin outer layer of material; the outer layer is preferably the more elastic and less plastic layer. Between the layers of the glove, a liquid antiseptic composition is stored which comprises an antiseptic in a liquid. The liquid antiseptic composition may also contain a surface-active agent, an algesic agent, a colorant, a vasoconstrictive agent, a smell-causing chemical, and a viscosity-modifying agent. A glove puncture by an object may cause some transfer of liquid antiseptic composition from the glove onto the hand and into a hand wound should the wound occur; useful as an immediate treatment to help to prevent a possible systemic infection by a pathogen in the individual; the treatment can help to protect a gloved individual such as a surgeon, a medical doctor, a health care worker or another worker whose work may place them at risk of becoming contaminated by a glove-puncturing object contaminated with the AIDS virus, hepatitus B virus or another infectious pathogen.

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