Manufacturing textured gloves of silicone rubber

Publication Date

June 7, 2004

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PURPOSE: To easily and surely deodorize, sterilize and dry bedding, etc., for medical treatment organs by blowing hot air contg. formed gaseous alkaline chlorine deoxide to the bedding, etc., to be treated to deodorize, sterilize and dry the bedding, etc., filtering the hot air after the treatment and discharging the treated air outside. CONSTITUTION: The air flow generated by a fan 11 of a hot air generator 1 is heated to the hot air by a heater 12. This heated air comes into contact with a ceramic molding 14 impregnated with an alkaline chlorine dioxide soln. in a gaseous alkaline chlorine dioxide generating section 13, by which the gaseous alkaline chlorine dioxide is liberated and generated and is included in the hot air. This hot air is sent to a hot air vent pipe 21 and is released from plural hot air release holes 22. The inside of a bag 2 for treatment is filled with such hot air. As a result, the bedding, etc., in the bag 2 for treatment are surely deodorized, sterilized and dried by the hot air contg. the gaseous alkaline chlorine dioxide. The hot air after the treatment is sent through a hot air absorption pipe 24 from a hot air absorption part 25 into a hot air filter 3, where the hot air is filtered. The filtered hot air is discharged outside from a hot air discharge port 35.

Manufacturing textured gloves of silicone rubber