Material for removing HIV and its related substances

Publication Date

May 19, 2010

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A powder-free medical glove having a first surface of a powder-free coagulant and a second surface with a polymer coating to ease donning. The powder-free coagulant on the first surface comprises micronized high-density polyethylene, a micro-emulsion of amino silicone, a dimethicone emulsion, calcium salts, an ethoxylated acetylenic diol surfactant and a cellulose thickener. The medical gloves are made in an on-line process of making latex articles that involves dipping hand-shaped formers into the coagulant before dipping them into the latex. The gloves are thereafter coated with a polymer to improve donnability before removal from the formers. The novel coagulant formulation permits easy removal of the articles from the formers, eases double-donning of gloves and eliminates the need for off-line processing.

Material for removing HIV and its related substances