Method and sporicidal compositions for synergistic disinfection or sterilization

Publication Date

May 15, 1990

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A kit is provided which combines a condom, cleaning implements such as a toothbrush, and a plurality of solutions containing povidone-iodine complex; a before contact mouth solution, a before contact body solution, an after contact mouth solution, and an after contact body solution. Up to three hours before sexual contact, the condom is applied and exposed skin and condom areas are cleansed with the before contact solutions and cleaning implements. This includes: hands, mouth, genitals, lower abdomen, upper thighs and rectum. The solutions also produce a coating action that functions as as a sustained chemical barrier and a coating which covers minor cuts or abraded areas before sexual contact. During sexual contact, the coating also acts as a lubricant, reducing further abrasion. After sexual contact, the after contact solutions and cleaning implements are used to cleanse the exposed or potentially contaminated areas and the condom is removed. The solutions further reduce microbial activity and once again coat and heal any abraded areas. The before and after solutions contain at least 0.25 percent by weight of povidone-iodine with the remainder primarily water. Both types of solutions are non-staining, water soluble and can be pleasantly flavored and/or scented for ease of use and sensory pleasure. Cleaning implements can include toothbrush, wash cloths and soap (impregnated with povidone-iodine complex solution).

Method and sporicidal compositions for synergistic disinfection or sterilization