Method for laminating a viral barrier microporous membrane to a nonwoven web to prevent transmission of viral pathogens

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A protective apparatus for preventing the exchange of harmful substances between an area isolated by the apparatus and the environment for use in medical, laboratory, and industrial application. The apparatus includes a physical shield, a vacuum barrier, and an adjustable support frame. The apparatus further includes a vacuum connector for connecting the apparatus to a vacuum source, a vacuum conduit for flow communicating with the air around the perimeter of the physical shield such that the vacuum source draws air along with solid and liquid matter entrained in the air into the vacuum conduit, and a plurality of vacuum apertures located along the vacuum conduit for communicating the vacuum source with the air. The apparatus is designed so as to provide protection for persons in proximity to a source of harmful substances such as aerosols produced by surgical procedures at a surgical incision on a patient infected with the AIDS virus or the like.

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