Method of disinfecting water with iodine species

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A face mask having a filter body for covering the nose and mouth of a wearer. Ear loops, head bands, surgical ties and other appropriate devices may be used to secure the face mask to the face of the wearer. The filter body is preferably formed from one or more layers of non-woven material. A fluid impervious film layer is attached to an exterior portion of the filter body to prevent fogging of eye glasses or an eyepiece for scientific equipment. A non-woven material layer may be placed over the fluid impervious film to minimize or eliminate glare and reflections from the mask. The non-woven material layer may also protect the fluid impervious film layer during fabrication of the associated mask. For some applications, one or more layers of darkened material may be placed on portions of the mask to reduce or eliminate reflections and glare. The layers of darkened material may be used as edge bindings or to cover the fluid impervious film. The fluid impervious film may have a colored tint or a matte finish to reduce reflection and glare, particularly if the non-woven material layer is not placed over the fluid impervious film.

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