Method of topically cleansing the human body

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A syringe splash guard including a shield member; and an attachment member, in connection with the shield member, having a mechanism for securing the shield member to a syringe. The shield member includes a resilient accordion structure that is collapsible when pressed against the skin surface of a patient allowing the hypodermic needle to be easily inserted through the skin of a patient. As the needle is withdrawn, the end of the shield member resiliently returns toward a fully extended position covering the insertion site. In a preferred embodiment, the mechanism for securing the shield member to a syringe includes a flexible band member having an adhesive coating on a surface thereof. The adhesive coating is preferably covered with a non-stick sheeting, in the manner of a self-adhesive bandage, which can be easily removed to expose the adhesive when it is desired to attach the splash guard to a syringe.

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