Methodology and apparatus for the detection of biological substances

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PURPOSE:To obtain a microorganism-removing agent capable of absorbing microorganisms existing in water or air in high absorption efficiency and killing with a sterilizer by attaching a specific vinylpyridium copolymer having a microorganism-absorbing ability on the surface of a substrate containing the sterilizer. CONSTITUTION:A microorganism removing agent in which a copolymer expressed by the formula (R1 is benzyl, 4-16C alkyl or pentafluorophenyl-methyl; R2 is H or 1-3C alkyl; X is halogen; Y is H, 1-3C alkyl, benzyl, carboxyl, aryl, etc. ; n:m=10:90-90:10) is attached to the surface of a substrate containing a sterilizer. The copolymer expressed by the formula can be impregnated into the substrate or applied to the substrate, because the copolymer is soluble in an organic solvent. Polymyxin, quaternary ammonium salt, chlorohexisin, metal, etc., is used as the sterilizer and when the microorganism-removing agent is used in water, a water-insoluble sterilizer is used. When a porous body is selected as the substrate, large effect is given.

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