Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat and cure infections of the human respiratory system by pathogens causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

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An efficient method for using a single, ceramic hand-shaped mandrel to make an integral double layer surgical glove having an indicator bulb that is adapted to warn a health care worker (e.g. a surgeon) to re-glove in the event that the structural integrity of the glove is compromised as a consequence of a puncture or tear. First and second latex gloves are formed one above the other over the mandrel. An air permeable mold release agent separates the first and second latex gloves and establishes an air channel which lies in communication with the indicator bulb. The indicator bulb, which is responsive to a pressure differential in the air channel, is initially pumped and compressed so as to suction trapped air in the air channel to the atmosphere and thereby create a vacuum. In the event of a puncture or tear through the integral, double layer glove, the indicator bulb will be instantenously filled with air from the atmosphere via the air channel so as to provide a visual warning to the health care worker of such puncture or tear.

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