Microbe stunning device for a biological decontamination system

Publication Date

October 8, 2002

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A collapsible, transportable personnel isolation apparatus or device is used to isolate a patient in a controlled environment and to protect the patient against biological or chemical hazards during transport of the patient. The collapsible apparatus has a flexible containment wall which is expandable from a collapsed, stored state to an expanded state to receive the patient. At least a portion of the containment wall is clear to allow observation of the patient within an interior region of the device. An air filtration system is provided for filtering air between the airtight interior region and the ambient atmosphere. Preferably, the apparatus has various ports therein, such as glove ports, pass through ports, access ports for cardiac leads, infusion line ports, and ventilation ports. Preferably, an air filtration device provides a flow rate of 4 to 6 cfm to prevent an undesirable build-up of carbon dioxide and provides a predetermined air pressure within the interior regions. In one form, the containment device is a clam shell litter type for transport of a prone patient and in another form the device is a jacket type with a hood defining an air impermeable chamber for an ambulatory patient who carries an ambulatory air filtration device for supplying and filtering the air impermeable chamber.

Microbe stunning device for a biological decontamination system