Microporous membrane material for preventing transmission of viral pathogens

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A light-weight, disposable face shield assembly for the protection of the eyes and face of wearers from accidental exposure to infectious, hazardous or undesirable substances. The shield includes a semi-flexible shield frame surrounding a semi-flexible, transparent face protection panel and a semi-flexible head support strip having an operative length less than the length of the upper horizontal frame portion and positioned adjacent the rear side thereof. The support strip is affixed at its ends to the shield assembly proximate the ends of the upper frame portion. Flexible face shield ties are affixed to the shield assembly proximate each end of the upper frame portion for tie joinder at the rear of the head of the wearer of the shield assembly, such shield ties upon oppositely pulling and tie joinder together behind the head of the shield wearer resulting in the forming up of the shield frame member with the face protection panel in arcuate spaced orientation from the head support strip about the face of the wearer in rigidly supported fashion by the head support strip.


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