Mild, rinse-off antimicrobial liquid cleansing compositions which provide improved residual benefit versus gram positive bacteria

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A substantially dry, impregnated wipe having therein iodine and means for retaining the iodine from escape therefrom, the iodine being present in an amount from about 1% to about 15% by weight of the wipe and in an amount sufficient to provide virucidal activity. The iodine is preferably present in an amount of from about 2% to about 5%. A flexible paper substrate is preferred, and the most preferred substrate is facial tissue. The iodine retaining means is preferably a suitable stabilizing surfactant present in an amount sufficient to complex the iodine, but preferably not substantially in excess of an amount sufficient to complex the iodine. A highly preferred stabilizing surfactant is polyoxyethylene (40) sorbitol septaoleate, present in weight ratio to iodine of from about 1:3 to about 2:1, and most preferably about 1:2. A method of reducing transmission of respiratory viral infections, which includes providing a substantially dry nasal wipe material of the type described and contacting such material with nasal surfaces in the presence of nasal discharge, and, preferably, thereafter wiping to dry hand surfaces with such material.

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