Mouth-to-mouth resuscitator device

Publication Date

April 11, 1989

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A resuscitator device (10) for providing a physical shield between the rescuer and a victim requiring mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and comprising a flexible sheet (12) to conform to the contour of the face of the victim in the area around the mouth and nose. A mouth opening (18) is centrally formed in said sheet. A hollow rigid tube (20) surrounds and is secured to the periphery of said mouth opening (18) and depends downward therefrom for inserting into the mouth of the victim. A self closing, one way valve (30) is contained in the tube (20), and includes a flexible, sleeve (32) having an air inlet open end in communication with the mouth opening (18) and an air outlet end (38) which is held normally closed by the action of a spring strip (34) secured to the sleeve (32) adjacent the outlet end (38).

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitator device