Multi-chamber air sterilization system and method

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May 2, 1994

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PURPOSE: To obtain the title spun yarn constituted of a specific high-strength polyvinyl alcohol based crimped fiber, being specific in tensile strength and cut breakage resistance and having high strength and excellent cut breakage resistance and useful for protective clothing. CONSTITUTION: The aimed spun yarn composed of high-strength polyvinyl alcohol being ≥13g/d tensile strength of single fiber consisting of polyvinyl alcohol based polymer having ≥1500 polymerization degree and satisfying the formula D×2≤L≤D×50 [L is average fiber length (mm); D is average single fiber fineness (d)] in average fiber length L (mm) and being ≥5.0g/d in tensile strength DT of spun yarn and ≥0.08g/d in cut breakage resistance ▵C of spun yarn-diffraction method.

Multi-chamber air sterilization system and method