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This invention relates to an improved multifunctional lamp particularly suited for use in medical facilities as, for example, by pathologists in the evaluation of tissues and fluids, etc. The basic lamp systems contemplated herein comprises a base, a trunk supported at an end by the base and illumination means pendent from the trunk. The improvement of this basic lamp, and the adaption of it for medical purposes comprises the following: a lamp having a flexible trunk section for rotation and movement about its base and relative to its longitudinal axis, thereby permitting the user to move the lamp and associated apparatus into position for use; a lamp having a safety shield which is pendent from a flexible arm for movement about the axis of the arm and the trunk thereby permitting the user to strategically place the safety shield in a fixed position for providing protection; and, a lamp equipped with means for review of microscopic organisms, etc which is pendent form a flexible arm for movement about the trunk. The tubular trunk is supported at one end by the base formed from a plurality of interconnecting tubular connectors joined end to end, each tubular connector having a ball portion at one end and a socket portion at the other end, said ball portion adapted for embracement by a socket portion associated with an adjoining connector. A plurality of Tee-connectors having distal ball or socket portions or both adapted for receipt by a corresponding socket or ball portion from tubular connectors are associated with the trunk portion of said lamp, said Tee-members adapted for rotation and movement about the longitudinal axis of the trunk. Communicating with a Tee connector is a first tubular arm comprising a plurality of connectors having ball and socket portions for engagement with the ball or socket member of said arm a Tee-member or connector and terminating in means for engaging a safety shield and a second tubular arm comprising a plurality of ball and socket members engaging a Tee-connectors and terminating in means for magnification.

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