Multilayer sterilizing products

Publication Date

August 18, 1998

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A disposable neck protection device that not only covers the neck region, but is constructed such that it prevents particles from coming into contact with the wearer's neck region while at the same time, allowing the wearer's skin to breathe. The device covers the cheeks and other areas below the level of the wearer's eyes. The device attaches to the front of a mask via sticky tabs or Velcro, having its main portion draping down the front of the neck just below the clavicles, its lower portion including a gusset to form fit the device around the wearer's neck. The neck protection device can be manufactured to accommodate any standard or custom size. The device is made of an absorbent outer layer and an impermeable inner layer which prevents debris from contacting the user's skin yet allows for air flow. The lower end of the device may fit under a gown whereas at the top, it attaches directly to the mask.

Multilayer sterilizing products