Operating room filter systems

Publication Date

December 17, 1996

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A package dispenser for garments, such as latex surgical gloves is provided with an inner glove shape, which constricts the palms of a plurality of expandable, elastic gloves placed within each other, and forces the fingers of the gloves to expand and conform to a proper expanded position for insertion therein of the hand of a user into the innermost exposed glove of the plurality of gloves. The package sequentially dispenses one or more elastic expandable gloves, such as latex gloves. When a vacuum is drawn, the gloves are maintained in an open, expanded state, wherein the user loosely inserts a hand into the innermost glove of the plurality of gloves, breaks an air seal by pulling a tab, thus allowing air to leak in around the innermost glove, so that the glove snaps over the hand of the user in a tight fitting manner.

Operating room filter systems