Publication Date

November 27, 2012

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Disclosed are a germicidal system and method for deactivating pathogens on the surface of a bodily extremity protected by a prophylactic covering substantially opaque to UV-C radiation. The device includes an enclosure having one or more openings through which the extremity can be inserted. The enclosure contains a radiation source configured to produce germicidal radiation having a wavelength of about 253.7 nm. The openings are configured relative to the radiation source such that the inserted extremity is in close proximity to the radiation source. The prophylactic covered extremity is preferably a gloved hand thereby sanitizing the surface of the glove. The extremity inserted is preferably exposed for a predetermined period of time to ensure a desired level of sanitization. Optionally, the device can include detectors to determine the position of the hand, the spread of the fingers, and whether the hand is covered by a glove.