Paddle fan medallion for enhancement of room air quality

Publication Date

February 19, 1997

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A multi-layer flexible article includes a first layer of natural rubber, a second layer of natural rubber, polyurethane, poly(acrylamide/acrylic acid) and polyethylene oxide and a third layer of acrylic copolymer and fluorocarbon telomer resin. The article is preferably a glove formed by the method of dipping a hand shaped mold into baths containing aqueous emulsions of the components used to form the layers. Gloves manufactured according to the method are substantially wet-hand and dry-hand donnable as compared to powdered latex gloves of similar size. The finished gloved is water washed and wet autoclaved to substantially reduce the protein content from the natural rubber and substantially remove other water extractable allergenic moieties. The washing and autoclaving renders the glove substantially hypoallergenic as compared to gloves not so treated.

Paddle fan medallion for enhancement of room air quality