Personal ventilating system

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January 9, 2008

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to enhance deodorization efficiency and to purify composite odors by disposing a basic gas removing filter prior to treatment by a photocatalyst in an air purifying method using the photocatalyst. SOLUTION: A dedusting filter 4 formed by pleating electret filter media, the basic gas removing filter 5 containing phosphoric acid affixed active carbon, a photocatalyst member 6 deposited with the photocatalyst, a photocatalyst exciting light source 7 consisting of a black light and a fan 8 consisting of an axial flow fan motor are disposed successively on an intake port side, i.e., from the windward within a casing 3 having the intake port 1 and an air exit 2. The basic gas removing filter 5 which contains an acidic gas adsorbent or does not contain the acidic gas adsorbent is used in this embodiment. The acetic acid removal rate of the basic gas removing filter 5 is confined to <=30%. As a result, the deodorization efficiency is made higher and the removability of the composite odors is made excellent.

Personal ventilating system