Phospholipid virucidal compositions

Publication Date

November 16, 2004

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The present invention relates to ultraviolet air purification devices and custom component kits useful residential and commercial settings. Apparatus and kits according to the invention include an electrical control relay, a safety switch, and a separate ballast for each lamp. When multiple lamps are used, a suppressor ballast is used to protect the lamps from electrical surges. Terminal strips are included so multiple ballasts and lamps can be used as part of the electrical configuration. The invention allows for UV-C bulbs and is designed so that only the lamps and their connectors must be disposed in the path of the air flow. The lamps are easily installed by pushing into a connector on one end. Supports for the end and the middle of the bulbs may be used in installation. LED indicator lights show if each lamp is receiving the electrical charge. Multi-faceted tin reflectors may be installed on each end.

Phospholipid virucidal compositions