Powder-free latex articles and methods of making the same

Publication Date

August 7, 1990

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A protective mask comprising an imperforate, transparent shield mounted on the brow and extending over the face of a person wearing the mask. The shield includes an anteriorly protruding portion spaced sufficiently away from the wearer's face to enable spectacles or other optical devices to be worn by the user. The anteriorly protruding portion includes an outwardly flaring upper portion and a downwardly flaring lower portion, with the junction between the upper and lower portions being a non-sharp, gradually curved section which minimizes the amount of visual distortion experienced by the user. Attached in a longitudinal fashion, adjacent each side edge of the shield, is a malleable, form-adjusting strip, the bending of which foreshortens the shield, causing it to bow-out anteriorally to accommodate the use of a variety of sized eyegear to be worn with the mask.

Powder-free latex articles and methods of making the same