Powerfree glove and its making method

Publication Date

February 6, 1990

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A splatter shield for use with a hypodermic syringe to prevent high-angle back-splatter, from syringe lavage, into the user's face. The splatter shield comprises a preferably circular sheet of stiff material which is preferably colorless and transparent, having a central tube which is attached thereto and which passes through the center of said sheet and projects on at least one side of said sheet sufficiently to have one end adapted to receive a standard syringe fitting and the other end adapted to receive a standard hypodermic needle. Said generally circular sheet is preferably cupped about the central tube so as to be concave on the side of the guard which has the needle-receiving, central tube end. The radius of the generally circular sheet and the degree of cupping in the preferred embodiment are chosen so that the shield flares out from the needle, like a skirt, sufficiently to intercept lavage-splatter at about 60 DEG to 90 DEG from the plane of the wound, and also chosen such that the point of the needle, in use, projects beyond the plane of the splatter shield or the base thereof.

Powerfree glove and its making method