Process for making a medical glove

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September 23, 1997

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Improved compositions containing a visible coloring agent, such as a pigment or dye, together with a polymer or hydroxylated aliphate alcohol, and an active ingredient defined as a surfactant, a therapeutic agent or biocide, are disclosed. The detectable agent is readily visible under normal white light, and provides a technique for monitoring disturbed and undisturbed areas on a surface. Such is useful in the described methods for cleaning and/or decontaminating a surface, such as in the decontamination of equipment and clothing used during hazardous spill response. The compositions are adherent to a variety of different materials, including Teflon.RTM.. This makes the preparations particularly useful in the cleaning and decontamination of non-flat and curved surfaces, such as on protective garments. The compositions in particular embodiments include a visually detectable coloring agent (such as a colored pigment), a surfactant (such as ethoxylate alcohol), an emulsifier (such as carboxymethyl cellulose), an extender (such as PEG), and a solvent (such as d-limonene). These compositions may also include water or other suitable diluent. -GOVT PAR This invention was made with government support under DAAH04-93-C-0012 awarded by the U.S. Army, Army Research Laboratory. The government has certain rights in the invention.

Process for making a medical glove