Production of multilayer productive coverings on conventional dip molding lines

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PURPOSE: To prevent dust from leaking to the atmosphere completely during dust removing work, and prevent secondary contamination caused by the leakage from happening by performing the removal of dust in an air-tight box which is isolated from the outside air. CONSTITUTION: A surface material 1 of an air-tight box A consists of a light weight material with corrosion-resistant material, and the air-tight box A is formed into a long box shape to one direction and has a height in which a human being can do necessary motions while standing and a series of spaces. In a first body wash room which is provided at an entrance 3 side of the box A, a first removing device 9 such as a shower unit, etc., which supplies the outside air is arranged facing inside, and on the shower unit 9, an air air nozzle 10 which ejects air toward the inside of the room is provided, and air is applied to almost total body of a worker for the removal. In a disrobing room which is connected to the first body wash room 8, the worker removes or takes off everything which he/she has been wearing, and places the clothes in a dust box 15, etc. For a second removing device 19, a hot water shower has the highest washing effect, but an air shower may be used. Clothes which are not used for working are previously prepared in a dressing room 22.

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