Production of rubber articles, such as gloves

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July 7, 2004

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain high antiviral property with a small sticking amt. of catechin, to decrease the aeration resistance and to improve the trapping efficiency for virus even when using an antiviral filter as an antibacterial filter. SOLUTION: The main structural element of this filter is an antiviral filter. The antiviral filter consists of a porous sheet on which catechin and an antibacterial agent are stuck together. As for the porous sheet, an electret nonwoven fabric is preferable because it can trap even fine particles with high efficiency and low pressure loss, and especially, an electret melt-blow nonwoven fabric is preferably because it can be formed into a very thin filter. The antiviral property of catechin decreases in the presence of protein, however, by using catechin with an antibacterial agent, adverse influences of protein which decrease the antiviral property of catachin can be significantly suppressed with the antibacterial agent. Thus, the antiviral property of catechin is not deactivated.

Production of rubber articles, such as gloves