Prophy cup shield

Publication Date

April 18, 2000

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A thin walled natural rubber latex material is disclosed suitable for forming thin walled products including gloves, dental dams and shields, catheter tubing, penrose surgical drains, finger cots, coverings for body parts, and the like. The thin walled material is formed from a latex emulsion containing natural rubber, sulphur-free, oxygen-donating curing agents, and a strength enhancing agent which may be an inorganic substance such as fumed silica and/or an organic substance such as monomers and polymers of families of acrylics and esters. The emulsion also preferably includes microcrystaline wax as an oxygen barrier, and the material is also provided with a heat resistant and water resistant coating which blocks transfer of latex proteins from the material and enhances slip of the material.

Prophy cup shield