Protection equipment, isolating equipment and filter

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February 29, 2000

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A blooming type, germicidal hard surface cleaning and disinfecting concentrate compositions according to the invention comprise the following constituents: 0.1-10% wt. of a terpene containing solvent which desirably includes both pine oil and d-limonene; 0.1-12% wt. of at least one organic solvent; 0.1-20% wt. at least one non-ionic surfactant constituent which desirably includes at least one nonionic surfactant having an HLB of greater than or equal to 10, and at least one nonionic surfactant having an HLB value of less than or equal to 8; a bloom enhancing effective amount at least one amphoteric surfactant selected from alkylampho(mono)- and (di)-acetates, alkylampho(mono)- and (di)-propionates, and aminopropionates; optionally a further nonionic surfactant based on a C8-C18 primary alcohol ethoxylate which exhibits a cloud point of 20 DEG C. in water; a germicidally effective amount of at least one cationic surfactant having germicidal properties; and, the balance, to 100% wt. of water. The concentrate compositions may comprise from 0-20% of further optional additives. In particularly preferred embodiments the concentrate compositions may be characterized in that when the concentrate compositions are diluted at a ratio of 1 part to 64 parts water at 20 DEG C. or 40 DEG C. the resultant mixture exhibits a good light transmittance loss. The concentrate compositions provide good blooming characteristics when diluted in water to form cleaning and disinfecting compositions therefrom.

Protection equipment, isolating equipment and filter