Protective cuff apparatus for surgery

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January 16, 2007

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An embodiment of the system of the present invention generally comprises an automated mailpiece sorting apparatus and method and more particularly, the system generally comprises a pre-feeding apparatus, a diverter, a collection module, a mailpiece sorting apparatus. The pre-feeder apparatus comprises a pre-feeder and a singulator including a detection module. The pre-feeder apparatus is connected to the mailpiece sorting apparatus via a diverter. The diverter diverts hazardous mailpieces to the collection module and non-hazardous mailpieces to the mailpiece sorting apparatus. The mailpiece sorting apparatus comprises a feeder, an OCR system, a mailpiece transporter, bins for receiving sorted mailpieces, an OCR system for reading addressee information, an addressee database, a sort plan and a personal computer (PC) or microprocessor based control system. In an alternate embodiment a sanitizer is included downstream from the diverter and upstream from the sorting apparatus. The system provides for sanitization of mailpieces so as to help deter delays in incoming mail delivery caused by the presence of life harming material and sanitize the mail so as to protect the intended recipients from harm and protect the mail sorting apparatus from contamination.

Protective cuff apparatus for surgery