Puncture and cut resistant material and article

Publication Date

November 14, 1995

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A system for reducing biological organisms in a liquid effluent to non-viable organic molecules that includes: a stunning chamber that applies a voltage potential across biological organisms to break cell membranes and disable the defense mechanisms of vital organisms to ultraviolet radiation; a cavitation chamber to physically destroy any remaining membranes of biologicals in the effluent that may play host to vital organisms or allow such to hide therein, the action of the stunning and cavitation chambers releasing interferons; and a molecularly implanted stimulated emitter (MISE) chamber in which high levels of ultraviolet radiation are applied to virions and spores that remain at frequencies that are readily absorbed and operate to disassociate any viable DNA and RNA strands remaining, to thereby cause \"death\". Prior to the stunning chamber, preferably the effluent has any large solids therein, settled, floated or filtered out. When potable water is to be produced, heavy metals and other common inorganic contaminants are also removed. The resulting effluent is pulsed through the stunning, cavitation, and MISE chambers to gain maximum effect thereof. Once the DNA and RNA strands have been disassociated in the MISE chamber, the environment of the downstream flow is controlled to prevent reassociation of organic molecules into viable DNA or RNA strands by either diluting the output of the MISE chamber to such an extent that organic molecules are unlikely to recombine, or when drinking water is to be produced, by filtering the organic filtering the organic molecules out for cosmetic purposes.

Puncture and cut resistant material and article