Soft nitrile rubber formulation

Publication Date

November 23, 1999

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A two-sided pocketed hand shield (10, 12, or 16) for protecting a hand from germs includes a sheet (18) of flexible material and a piece (28 or 48) of flexible material. The piece (28 or 48) of flexible material is shorter than the sheet (18) and attached to the front surface of the sheet (18) in a manner to form a pocket adapted to fit a hand and in a manner that (a) leaves an opening (60, 64, or 72) for the insertion of a hand and (b) allows the sheet (18) to extend beyond the opening (60, 64, or 72). The opening (60, 64, or 72) has two ends and is preferably angled from one end to the other end. The sheet (18) may be rectangular and the piece (28 or 48) may be mitten-shaped or trapezoidal, and either may be formed of absorbent material or plastic. The piece (28 or 48) is preferably attached to the sheet in a way which renders the pocket in the shape of a mitten. Another embodiment is an array (80) of pocketed sanitary hand shields (81). The array (80) of hand shields (81) includes a continuous sheet (82) of a flexible material having evenly-spaced weakened connections (85) dividing the sheet (82) into sections (86) and a piece (83) of a flexible material attached to the front surface of each section (86). Each piece (83) is attached to the continuous sheet (82) in a manner that forms a pocket adapted to fit a hand.

Soft nitrile rubber formulation