Safety applicator glove system and method

Publication Date

June 1, 1993

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A bio-conditioning germicidal dryer for the hands and lower arms has two portals which allows the hands and forearms to be comfortably extended laterally into the chamber. The working chamber has a source of ultraviolet light with a spectral output weighted at a 253.7 nm. Air is introduced through one or more vents in a second heated chamber connected to said working chamber. Preheated air is then drawn past the ultraviolet light source, where it is germicidally cleansed, into the working chamber, and leaves the working chamber through the portals. Because of the combination of (a) ultraviolet light, (b) closed chamber environment, (c) warm air and (d) chamber geometry induced turbulent air flow patterns, the hands and arms are germicidally cleansed and gently dried without dehydration of the skin normally found in germicidal washing.

Safety applicator glove system and method