Self-contained UV-C purification system

Publication Date

August 15, 1995

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A non-toxic hypocompatible biodegradable germicide effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms comprising a composition including a monohydric alcohol from the group consisting of isopropyl, methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, n-butyl, tert-butyl or allyl or mixtures thereof and a polyhydric alcohol from the group consisting of propylene glycol; 1,3 propanediol; 1,2 butanediol, PEG 400; glycerol or 1,4 butanediol or mixtures thereof in proportion by weight such that the polyhydric alcohol reduces the surface glaze formed by the monohydric alcohol and surface tension formed by water or water-based body fluids enabling the disinfectant/antiseptic to kill the pathogenic organisms and act equally effective on a patient or inanimate surface without deleterious effect to either.

Self-contained UV-C purification system