Sheet for use as filter, mask or the like having bacteria adsorbing function

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PURPOSE:To obtain an ultra-precision bactericidal dustproofing filter by fixing hollow yarn membranes having <=100Angstrom pore size to both ends of a housing and providing air introducing ports to the belly part of the housing. CONSTITUTION:The hollow yarn membranes 4 having <=100Angstrom pore size are disposed in the housing 2 of the ultra-precision virus removing filter 1. One end of the membranes 4 is closed by a cap 6 and the other one end is opened via an air leading-out port 8 projected to a cap 7. The air introducing port 3 or 9 is projected to the belloy part of the housing 2. The air subjected to the removal of bacteria and dust is discharged from the port 8 when the air is introduced into the filter from the port 3 by closing the port 9 at the time of use. Back washing is also possible by washing with the back air from the port 8 in the case of the contamination of the membrane surface.

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