Slip stop rubber sheet and slip-stop rubber sheet lined work gloves

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PURPOSE: To sterilize and disinfect biologically dangerous substances such as an AIDS virus, etc. on a used hypodermic needle and to process the needle so that it cannot be reused. CONSTITUTION: A needle of injection 52 is inserted inside a bore 48 of a heating tube 46. By energizing a means 60 for resistance heating, which is wound around the heating tube 46, the tube 46 is heated until air in the bore 48 becomes 482 deg.C or above. As a result, the needle 52 is sterilized by heat, and furthermore the needle is annealed. In this manner, not only all the biologically dangerous substances on a contaminated needle or within the needle are destroyed in a relatively short time, but also the needle is annealed and cannot be reused so that it can be safely disposed of.

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