Soft rubber product and its manufacturing method

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A rubber glove comprising a main rubber layer and an inner covering layer, bonded to the main rubber layer, containing resin particles is disclosed. The resin particles are partially exposed on the skin-contacting surface of the inner covering layer to an extent such that, among resin particles visually observed in unit area of the skin-contacting surface, resin particles having a maximum particle diameter of 2-20 μm have a total projected area ratio A of 5-50%, as defined by the formula: A(%)=B/C×100, where B is total projected area of resin particles with a maximum particle diameter of 2-20 μm, and C is the unit area. The rubber glove can be easily donned and pulled off, and resin particles do not fall or do fall off only to a very slight extent upon donning or pulling off, and, when the inner covering layer is placed in contact with each other, the layer does not easily stick to each other.

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