Sterilant composition

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March 5, 1991

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The present invention provides a device for storing a plurality of gloves and for individually dispensing the gloves. The invention allows a user to easily retrieve a single glove while the remaining gloves are shielded from contamination by the user and from the surrounding environment. The present invention includes a container having a dispensing aperture formed thereon. A plurality of gloves is disposed within the container. A shield is provided to cover the aperture when a glove is not being retrieved. A hinge, or other structure, is provided which allows a user to move the shield to an open position when retrieving a glove and which will return the shield to a closed position upon removal of the user's hand. The present invention has particular advantages in environments such as dental offices and other locations where contaminants may be present and where it is necessary to protect the stored gloves from such contaminants until a glove is dispensed.

Sterilant composition