Sterilization agent

Publication Date

February 6, 1990

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A system for facilitating the donning of gloves having elastic cuffs. The system is particularly adapted for allowing healthcare personnel to don elastic gloves without requiring the assistance of another individual and without contacting the outer surface of the gloves. A curved rim member is comprised of flared portions along the periphery of the rim as well as teeth which are formed on the upper edges of a slot, the flared portions and teeth serving to help the rim frictionally to hold the elastic cuff of a glove in a stretched open configuration so that the user's hand may be inserted therein. A slot in combination with the design of the curved rim member and the flared portion and teeth of the rim member allows the user, by proper movement of the wrist and forearm, to release the glove from the curved rim member whereupon the glove assumes a proper fit on the user's hand.

Sterilization agent