Sterilization method

Publication Date

December 3, 2002

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The present invention provides antimicrobial skin-preparation delivery systems useable to disinfect a surgical site for surgery. The delivery systems include an antimicrobial alcohol gel formulation contained within a sealed, flexible container and a gel formulation dispenser connected to the container. The gel formulation dispenser includes a container connector connected to the flexible container and a gel applicator having a sealed piercing member which is slidably engaged with the container connector. An applicator pad is porous and also has enlarged holes for passage of the gel formulation. The gel formulation dispenser pierces a seal in the container and delivers the antimicrobial alcohol gel formulation from the container to the surgical site. Flow rate of the gel formulation is largely controlled by the amount of external pressure of squeezing a user applied to the flexible container. The antimicrobial skin-preparation formula includes iodine, alcohol and gel.

Sterilization method