Sterilization process without sterile rinse

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An acrylic resin glove is made of a film having a crosslinked structure, formed of an acrylic resin emulsion, and an internal surface treating agent for an acrylic resin glove, is composed of an acrylic resin emulsion, and at least one organic filler selected from the group consisting of methacrylic resin micro-particles, polyolefinic resin micro-particles and cellulose beads, each having an average particle diameter within a range from 3 to 10 μm, the content of said organic filler being within a range from 2 to 8% by weight based on the total weight. The acrylic resin glove is superior in fitting and detaching properties and in washing resistance while maintaining required mechanical characteristics. The internal surface treating agent is used to obtain an acrylic resin glove having the above-described characteristics by forming a film of this treating agent on the internal surface of the acrylic resin glove, thereby to improve the lubricity of the internal surface of the glove.

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